Pump Station Monitoring System

The oil & gas industry includes the global processes of exploration, extraction, refining, transporting, and marketing petroleum products, such as oil, which is transported through large pipes that can stretch across continents. The oil is kept in motion by pump stations along the pipeline, and usually flows at speed of about 1 to 6 meters per second.

System Description

The main function of an intelligent remote supervisory system is to monitor the operating status of local and remote intelligent equipment. WebAccess software manages and controls the water injection pumps & valves, the parameters of intelligent equipment such as the temperature and pressure of lubricating oil; valve opening angles; the details of valves, alerts and the
open/close functions. WebAccess’ powerful network functions are perfect for on-site and remote monitoring of intelligent equipment.

  • High-performance ADAM-5510 PAC controller controls all relevant parameters and control loops, which has 8 I/O slot expansion to expand I/O module easily. ADAM-5510 controller cquires all monitoring data of water injection pump, and controls valves and inverter. According to xperts’
    request, it gives real-time alarm and alfunction alert, corresponding analysis, and animated demo.
  • Industrial EKI-1322 alert module sends real-time alert message to designated phone number, effectively help administrator to handle alert and malfunction of equipment.
  • Industrial IP65-compliant TPC-1770H touch panel works as onsite HMI, facilitating human-computer interaction for the onsite personnel to control and operate intelligent equipment.
  • Industrial EKI-7654C Ethernet switch builds a communication network, connecting ADAM-5510, webcam, and industrial touch panel TPC-1770H 

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Pump Station Monitoring System
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