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For over 20 years, GST has established itself as a leading solution provider of industrial automation for industry-leading companies in Egypt and the North Africa region. The company's success can be attributed to its strong focus on the industrial automation market, which has been a key strategic area for the organization.
In addition to industrial automation, GST also specializes in meeting interconnect product needs for military, aerospace, aviation, medical, energy, industrial, oil & gas, transportation, telecommunications, automotive markets, and industrial and telecom market segments in Egypt & North Africa Regions.
The company's expertise in this area includes MIL-spec and commercial options for connectors, accessories, and cable assemblies.
Having gained over twenty years of experience and success in the Egyptian market and foreign markets, particularly in the field of securing data, automatic control, industrial computers, embedded systems, industrial network supplies, control units, and providing smart and integrated solutions for information technology, industrial computer systems, manufacturing and assembling cable heads, electrical braids, and command and control systems, the concept of establishing the Egypt Factory for Embedded Systems and Industrial Computers (EESICO) was born to support GST as a manufacturing facility.
EESICO is the first factory in the Arab Republic of Egypt and North Africa that specializes in providing smart and integrated solutions using locally manufactured embedded systems and industrial computers.
GST prides itself on providing services and complete solutions on-time and within budget. The company recognizes that customer success is vital and aims to provide all types of control and monitoring systems, as well as efficient, professional services for customer care, product selection, technical support, and order handling. GST strives for the highest level of customer satisfaction for both new and existing customers.