Food Industry Automation System

Factory Automation

Project Introduction:

Many traditional food processing techniques are too outdated to keep pace with today’s global population growth. Complicating the issue is not just that we need to create more food than ever before, but the demands in food quality have increased as well, forcing many manufacturers to change and updates recipes. One of the major priorities of food manufacturers is to find better processing systems that can meet the current demands for large quantities of high quality food.

System Requirements:

Our client was looking for an advanced motion control solution to meet their new system, which led to the following requirements:
- Needs to provide detection and control with alarm, interlock control, and automatic shutdown capabilities
-  Optical isolation communication to avoid interference
-  Rugged modules that are vibration, dust and noise resistant
-  Needs to be able to records and analyze information collected during food production process and transfer information to a control center via Internet

Project Implementation:
PCM-3813I               100 kS/s, 12-bit, 32-ch Isolated Analog InputPCI-104 Module                  
PCM-3725                 8-ch Relay and Isolated Digital Input PC/104 Module                          
PCM-3610 2-port RS-232/422/485 PC/104 Module with Isolation Protection             

System Description:
Embedded in the material tank, PCM-3813I is used for continuously monitoring data, including the fuel flow, pressure, and temperature. Meanwhilethe PCM-3725 is used for controlling the failure alarms, interlock controls and emergency shutdowns. Finally, PCM-3610conveys data to main server control room. All signals sampled during the testing can be transferred to the central computer via standard PC/104 or PCI-104 interface.


These modules support multi-channel/optical isolation communication, analog input/output modules and digital input/output modules. Flexible and stackable PC/104 modules can be used with various modules according to different production processes, featuring convenient maintenance and expansion.

Solution Images

Food Industry Automation System