Police Car - Public Safety Application


Our mobile tablets  offer 4G LTE connectivity. This means increased bandwidth, rapid connectivity and powerful processing.

With 4G LTE, the M101B and M700DM4 offer fast data transfer and real-time communication, transaction processing, large file sharing, and streaming.

> Requirements

Sunlight Readable    Real-time data transfer
Designed for harsh environments   Excellent wireless communications
Vibration/ Water resistant   Fully Wireless Integrated Flexibility
Battery management   Completely versatile vehicle based computer system
Wide power range 8~36V input.      

> Benefits

In public safety, the enhanced 4G LTE connectivity enables fast, efficient communications between dispatch centers and safety officials in the field. This help ensures the appropriate emergency response in rapidly dispatched, and traffic is redirected as needed to ensure safety. our Models  is constructed for used in vehicles with its optional secure vehicle dock and antenna pass-through for GPS and driver tracking.


Police Car - Public Safety Application