SCADA System for Gas Transmission

Customer background & Requirement:

•Customer name : Gasco  
•Sector : Oil & Gas
•Application scenarios: SCADA System for Gas Transmission
• Project requirement & specification: Add 7 More sites to the existing SCAD System, which is working since 2001 the Original Sites connected with SCADA Control Center is Televent Micro1/c.

System Requirements:

Why the project started?
(Project Started by inviting different vendors to supply RTUs with specification that can integrate
with Televent OASYS SCADA System.

What did the customer need?
 (The customer need Standard off shelf RTU working with standard MODBUS protocol.

System Description:

•Describe the overall system diagram (The 7 RTU are connected to GASCO control using different communication media depend on its availability at the site.)
•Each RTU at site are connected to the field devices (Pressure transmitter’s temperature transmitter and sectionalizing control Valve. 

Solution Images

SCADA System for Gas Transmission