Fueling Station Management

System Description :

The control & management platform is a UNO-1140FH integrated with the ADAM-4000 series as a turn-key solution. An ADAM-4080 counter/frequency Input module with two 32-bit counter input channels and a built-in programmable timer for frequency measurement helps to manage the details of the fuel dispenser meters data and ADAM-4117 analog input modules gather tank liquid levels, and pressure information. The ADAM-4150 digital input/output module is in charge of alarms triggers and switching pumps on/off. Then the control & management platform can transmit all information via EKI-2728MI Ethernet switch to the corporate headquarters.


In this application Advantech's complete turn-key system & software provided a good cost-effective solution. All the products installed provide excellent safety & reliability. The ADAM-4100 series modules are compact, versatile sensor-to-computer interface units are designed for reliable operation in harsh environments. Their built-in microprocessors, encased in rugged industrial-grade ABS plastic, independently provide intelligent signal conditioning, analog I/O, digital I/O, LED data display, and an address mode with a user-friendly design for convenient address reading.

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Fueling Station Management