Oil Pipeline Monitoring

System Description:

This system helps monitor the temperature, pressure, flow and vibrations in an oil pipeline that stretches hundreds of miles from China into Russia, and transmits this data back to a central control room. All of the sensors are connected to a series of ADAM modules: ADAM-6017, ADAM-6018 and ADAM-6050. These modules help process the data, and through an EKI- 2728MI, transmit it to the central control room.


ADAM-6018 is the most prevalent temperature data acquisition module in today's industrial automation market. In addition to 8 T/C input channels, the ADAM-6018 is also equipped with 8 digital output channels such as auxiliary alarm outputs or pure outputs. ADAM-6017 is designed with 8 analog inputs and 2 digital outputs to satisfy all plant needs. Each analog channel is allowed to configure an individual range for variety of applications. ADAM-6050 is a high-density I/O module built-in a 10/100 based-T interface for seamless Ethernet connectivity. It provides 12 digital input and 6 digital output channels with 2000VRMS Isolating protection.

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Oil Pipeline Monitoring