GA2P Program

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01 May 2015

GA2P Program

GA2P is academic program for developing universities & Egyptian market
  • 1-Description:
    GA2P is a program powered by GST who is the Premier channel  partner for
    ADVANTECH in Egypt & North Africa region  .

    ''For developing universities & Egyptian market''

    In order to :
    1- Reduce the gap between the theoretical study in universities and
    the Egyptian market .
    2-To graduate highly qualified engineers capable of development and
    innovation .
    3- Development of community participation between
    GST/ADVANTECH as a private sector company and Egyptian
    universities & market .

    3-Our steps:
    1- Installation of laboratories in Egyptian universities using
    ADVANTECH products.
    2-Sponsor graduation project for final year students in engineering
    Egyptian faculties by using ADVANTECH products.
    3- Offering seminars in universities aimed at providing ADVANTECH
    products to link students with what they will see in the external

    We are still working to develop our GA2P to achieve our target ...........